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Nic Seton

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    Our Future Your Duty (Concert)


    July 28, 2024 at 2:00pm
    St Leonards Park Music Shell
    312 Miller St
    North Sydney, NSW 2060
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    "I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Parents for Climate for a couple of years now and I have seen first-hand their unique ability to have a significant impact on a distinct part of the community  that is quite often overlooked by conventional climate change advocacy. Parents for Climate also have been able to have very impactful cut through with Members of Parliament, due to their ability to speak to young families, which is a demographic that every MP is very concerned about. Moving forward, Parents for Climate will play an essential role with moving middle Australia and the political class to a sensible position on action on climate change."

                                                                                  - Lachlan Crombie, Director - Political Engagement, PremierState


    "In the short time Parents for Climate has been around, the group has grown from a squeak to a roar. The potential this group has in both engaging and empowering new audiences across Australia is enormous. From meeting with politicians to sharing lived experiences and concerns with the media - be it a local paper or a national morning news - the Climate Media Centre is excited to continue to support and work with the team to help advance meaningful and credible action on climate in Australia."

    Jolee Wakefield, Director, Climate Media Centre



    "Australian Parents for Climate Action (AP4CA) are probably the leading grassroots organisation working for a safe climate right now. Their brand and digital media is professional, well targeted yet accessible, their tactics and activities are well developed and deployed

    Their target audience – everyday Australian parents who are concerned about climate change - is the most important in order to persuade our political and corporate leaders to lift their ambition commensurate with what scientific opinion tells us is required. AP4CA is an essential part of the climate movement in Australia, and one of the most effective."

                                                                                  - Gavan McFadzean, Program Manager – Climate & Energy, Australian                                                                            Conservation Foundation


    "AP4CA is an important new constituency-based group with a quickly growing membership-base and passionate volunteers. Its talented and outcome oriented team have demonstrated that they can achieve significant policy impact while growing this new organisation into what could eventually be one of the most influential in the country. The voices of thousands of parents will continue to highlight both the threat of the changing climate and the many opportunities associated with the transition we must make."

    - Daniel Pediaditis, Senior Program Manager - Environment &                                                                                       Sustainability, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation


    "Australian Parents for Climate Action plays a key role in engaging parents across Australia who are concerned about climate but not yet active, by making climate action accessible to busy parents. This is a key constituency to engage if we are to achieve bi-partisan support for the solutions required to urgently tackle the climate crisis. This is why I am proud to support their professional and inspiring work."

    - Eytan Lenko, Lenko Family Foundation



    "Australian Parents for Climate Action are a young, but fast-growing advocacy organisation. I think they have particular potential to add significant value in influencing the toxic partisan block on good climate policy at the federal level

    AP4CA’s supporters and target audience cross the spectrum of conservative, swinging and progressive voters. Climate spokespeople who are parents can powerfully influence candidates of all stripes to increase their party’s climate commitments. Parents make especially powerful spokespeople in their local communities and local media, as the protectors of their children, and through being closely connected to their communities. I would love to see their parent climate spokespeople work expanded as a critical part of the climate movement’s                                                                     federal plans, both short and long term."

                                                                        - Dr. Barry Traill, Moving to Bipartisanship Federal Advocacy Project,                                                                         Climate Action Network Australia


    "Organisations such as AP4CA play an essential role in educating and building support in the community for climate action. Thank you for your continuing advocacy."

    - Hon. Matt Kean, NSW Treasurer, Minister for Energy and Environment, MP for Hornsby. Dec 2021.



    "I think you're really important crew and can continue to make a big difference over the next couple of years. You're right in the middle of it."

    - Rob Oakeshott, former NSW Independent MP. Nov 2022



    "I run a consulting business providing advice to nonprofit leaders on how to develop impact strategies that inspire sophisticated philanthropic funders. I base my advice on my experience as both a funder and a fundraiser. I have analysed and worked with a large number of climate and environment organisations over the years. 

    I was happy to take on the volunteer role as Advisor to Australian Parents for Climate Action because I was so impressed with their strategy and team. I don’t have much capacity to do volunteer work as I am also the primary carer of two awesome girls, but I had to make an exception in this case. 

    In my view, Australian Parents for Climate Action have an excellent strategy, talented staff, amazing volunteers and relentless passion and energy. The incredible outcomes they have achieved in such a short time are proof to me that they are a high impact organisation."

    - Dr Samantha Hardy, Sam Hardy Philanthropy. Advisor to Australian Parents for Climate Action. 


    "I selected Australian Parents for Climate Action as a high-potential young organisation to join our 2020 Progress Labs incubator, and in 2021 as a priority group for Australian Progress mentorship. Their rapid growth and impact in their short 2.5 years has been extremely impressive. 

    They carefully considered theory of change, messaging and campaigns serve to powerfully reach a huge untapped target audience of parents not yet engaged on climate. The size, geographic spread, moral, economic and voting power of this audience holds considerable potential to influence climate politics at all levels of government. AP4CA have demonstrated their ability to engage, empower and amplify this audience in the media and to MPs.

    I’ve found Suzie, Marie and the Australian Parents for Climate Action team an absolute pleasure to work with. They’re dedicated, perceptive, supportive leaders who nurture and inspire a passionate team of staff, volunteers and supporters. I’ve found them very open to alternative ideas, constructive criticism, and a collaborative approach, which has served them well in building a broad network of support and allies within the climate movement and beyond.

    Over our six-month incubator program, I saw them carefully research, develop, test, revise and roll out their ambitious Solar Our Schools campaign, which has produced remarkable results in terms of public and political support over a short time frame. I am excited to see what they can achieve as their capacity increases - and Australian Progress is proud to continue to support them."

    - Elise Dalley, Impact Director, Australian Progress


    "I know that the power of collective community action is the most effective way for our country to move forward towards a safer and healthier future - together... Parents for Climate gives a voice and support to families... Our leaders need to see the groundswell of community support for climate action, and Parents for Climate are a proven vehicle to empower a community to stand up and make progress happen."

    - Andrea, Local organiser South Australian action group


    "I’m so glad I have found a group of people who understand. This group has already made me feel more hopeful than I have in a long time and I’m inspired to get active."

    - Michaela, Mum and Teacher, Gold Coast QLD.


    "Living in a regional community this group makes me remember I am not alone and that every action, big or small, makes a difference. This group is full of valuable information, simple and inspiring actions to take and optimism. And as a parent to young kids, it caters to me. Thank you Parents for Climate."

    Hannah, mum of 2. Wynyard, North West TAS.


    "It feels good to know there are other people concerned about our children’s future and who are acting on that. It is nice to meet up with other active people at marches etc, it encourages me to attend knowing I’ll be part of a group even if I haven’t met them yet. I also find the social media posts informative and I like the way they make writing to politicians about climate issues easy. I feel better informed and stronger in my action thanks to Parents for Climate."

    Caileen, parent of 3, Bradfield, NSW.


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    How do you compare in the Solar Our Learning signup challenge?

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    Want to see the government support Australia's largest-ever clean energy project in this May's federal Budget?

    Join the Solar Our Learning signup challenge!

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    3. For every ten signatures you get by Budget night, we’ll send you a Parents for Climate sticker. Or if you’re more ambitious, for every hundred, we’ll send you a t-shirt!

    Want more information? Want to see what the stickers and t-shirts look like? Check out the challenge page here!

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    Help keep our communities safe in extreme weather

    Keep your community safe this Summer and help to amplify parent voices.

    Across Australia families are experiencing the impacts of extreme weather. Extreme weather made worse by burning coal and gas. 

    Heatwaves, severe storms and flooding are threatening the health, wellbeing and livelihoods of Australian families. 

    Low-income families are often disproportionately impacted by extreme weather events.

    The voices and stories of Australian families are under-represented when it comes to the impacts of extreme weather events. And the media is not connecting the dots on what is driving the increased severity of heat and summer storms.

    Parents for Climate is campaigning for long-term solutions. But summer and extreme weather is already upon us, so we also need to look out for each other and help keep each other safe.

    Sign up now and we will email you:

    • Essential tips for staying cool and navigating the heat
    • Key resources for keeping safe in extreme weather
    • Our guide on how to connect with others in your community to keep each other safer

    We’ll also provide opportunities for you to share your story so we can let more people know what Australian families are facing, how they are supporting each other and the actions that will make a difference.


    79 sign ups

    Sign up to join the campaign and receive key resources via email

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  • Australian homes can be made climate-ready, reducing bills and emissions – a new report shows how

    Gill Armstrong, Climateworks Centre and Michael Ambrose, CSIRO

    Millions of homes were built before Australia introduced housing energy efficiency standards in 2003. They’re leaky. Gaps around windows, doors and between building materials allow air to move in and out. So people tend to compensate, with more heating and cooling. It’s costly and damaging for the environment.

    Read more

  • The world’s 280 million electric bikes and mopeds are cutting demand for oil far more than electric cars

    We hop in the car to get groceries or drop kids at school. But while the car is convenient, these short trips add up in terms of emissions, pollution and petrol cost.

    Close to half (44%) of all Australian commuter trips are by car – and under 10km. Of Perth’s 4.2 million daily car trips, 2.8 million are for distances of less than 2km.

    Read more

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    Let’s connect

    It’s great to meet you. Let’s connect and collaborate further. 


    Did you know?

    There are +12 million parents in Australia. Isn't that a powerful force for positive change?

    Will you back our mission?

    "Empower millions of Australian parents to champion climate action within their communities, the media, business and politicians."

    Our impact speaks for itself and we’ve got big plans to scale our outcomes. Can you help us scale our mission? Enter your details below 👇

    Could you be our next partner?

    At Parents for Climate, we believe that partnerships are the key to our future success in securing a safe climate for our children. To achieve this vision we need to reach and engage as many Aussie parents as possible. That’s where you come in!

    Nic Seton

    CEO, Parents for Climate


    Contact the team

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  • published Purpose conference 2023-11-06 12:27:20 +1100

    Purpose conference

    What decisions do you make for the love of your kids?

    How do the young people you love affect your choices as a consumer and as a citizen?

    Join us for an intimate discussion with experts into how Australians are shaping the future for the love of their kids.

    See you at 6:00 - 7:30 PM, Tuesday 7 November, Canva Space and connect with experts!

    Contact us today and be a partner. 

    Join us, and together, we'll unlock a future filled with possibilities as we embark on a journey.


    At Parents for Climate, we believe that partnerships are the key to achieving greatness and success as we joined forces, driven by our passion to invest and create a safer environment for the younger generation. 


    Partner with us now.







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  • Proposed ban on greenwashing claims denies justice to parents trying to protect kids from climate harms

    Parents for Climate strongly opposes the proposed three-year ban by the federal government on litigation over misleading climate claims.

    Representing more than 17,000 supporters, Parents for Climate filed a claim against EnergyAustralia in August for false or misleading advertising, saying the company’s GoNeutral product misled consumers into thinking it had no polluting impact on the climate.

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  • What harm could one coal mine do? Plenty – 1.7 million Hiroshima bombs of heat for starters



    This year, the Australian government rejected Clive Palmer’s coal mine proposal – but approved three others. Over 100 more fossil fuel projects are in the decision pipeline.

    Why are we still approving coal projects when climate impacts are intensifying? There is, as the International Energy Agency has pointed out, no place for new fossil fuels if we have a chance of holding global heating to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Our existing fossil fuel infrastructure is enough to blow our remaining carbon budget.


    Read more

  • A small change to reach millions more Parents for Climate

    We’ve shortened our name to Parents for Climate, it’s easier to say and remember. This will help us reach and engage even more parents, carers, and grandparents in securing a safe climate for our kids to thrive. Nic Seton, Parents for Climate CEO, explains how this small change can help make a big difference.

    Every day, parents provide safety, comfort and strength to their families.

    We make lunches. We give hugs. We mend wounds. And we solve problems.

    But climate change is more than any one parent can bear. Sure we all have a role to play, but big actors, like governments and businesses, have so far failed to do what it takes to secure a safe climate for our kids. So we’re left with little choice but to rally together, united by the love we share for our children, to secure ambitious climate action for the love of our kids.

    That’s what Parents for Climate was created to do. And over four years, tens of thousands of parents have stepped up to play their part. We've engaged millions of voters and moved millions of dollars in funding to deploy climate solutions. But time is running out. And it will take many more  parents to join forces to achieve our aim. 

    Read more

  • Setting our sights: our response to the Climate Change Authority targets review

    Did you know that Parents for Climate has made 14 formal submissions to our various national, state and local Governments this year alone? Each submission is carefully presented to the relevant State or Federal Government authority, as a powerful voice representing parent’s interests, and in balance to the Industry or Trade lobbies.

    One of our recent submission was in response to the Government Climate Change Authority (CCA) request for submission on Setting, Tracking and Achieving Australia’s emissions reduction targets – a critical subject in that if the government body tasked with policing emissions only receives submissions from Industry emitters….. well, we can guess the outcome!

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  • Climate groups call for no Eraring extension

    The New South Wales Labor Government is facing a major test on its commitment to meaningful climate and energy policy as Cabinet considers extending the life of Australia’s largest coal fired power plant by paying billions of taxpayers’ dollars to energy giants.

    Read more

  • Health evidence against gas and oil is piling up, as governments turn a blind eye

    The Conversation

    Melissa Haswell, University of Sydney; David Shearman, University of Adelaide; Jacob Hegedus, University of Sydney, and Lisa Jackson Pulver, University of Sydney

    We are seeing deadly heat and fires circle the world. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns we are fast running out of time to secure a liveable and sustainable future. Without emergency action to stop mining and burning fossil fuels, the world faces an unthinkable 2.8℃ temperature rise.

    It’s incomprehensible, then, that many of our politicians support “unlocking the Beetaloo Basin” in the Northern Territory and developing another 48 oil and gas projects across Australia.

    “Unlocking” means starting large-scale shale gas extraction. After drilling through 3–4km of rock and aquifers, a cocktail of chemicals, sand and water is forced down the well. This process of hydraulic fracturing is commonly known as fracking. This brings to the surface, and then into the atmosphere, carbon that had been securely stored underground for 300–400 million years.

    Today we have launched a report that demonstrates the many risks of oil and gas development for human health and wellbeing in Australia. Based on a review of over 300 peer-reviewed studies, our report provides the public and decision-makers with a summary of the now-extensive evidence of these risks.


    Read more

  • Intergenerational Report: Burden of climate inaction will weigh heavily on future generations in every sector

    With Treasury’s Intergenerational Report to be released tomorrow, revealing the impact of today’s economic decisions on future generations, Australian Parents for Climate Action (AP4CA) is urging leaders to keep the cost of climate inaction at the centre of all decisions.

    Read more

  • published Jessica Williamson in Our Team 2023-08-22 21:40:37 +1000

    Jessica Williamson | Board - Company Secretary

    Jessica is a human rights lawyer, specialising in refugee and immigration law. Jessica is CEO and co-founder of WLW Migration Lawyers, an award-winning immigration law firm based in Melbourne. Prior to establishing WLW Migration Lawyers, Jessica was the Principal Solicitor of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Human Rights Law Program. She also worked for Inclusion Ghana, Ghana’s peak NGO for people with intellectual disabilities. Jessica is an experienced board member and has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of International Relations from La Trobe University.

Parents for Climate meet and work on the lands of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and respect that sovereignty of those lands was never ceded. We pay respect to Elders, past and present and emerging, and acknowledge the pivotal role that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the Australian community.