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Marie Carvolth

  • Sign the petition: Enshrine a duty of care that protects our kids from climate harm

    We’re calling on all Australian Parliamentarians to enshrine their duty of care to protect young and future generations in law.


    Building on our 2022 campaign, urging the current and former environment ministers to uphold their duty of care, we are expanding our appeal to all members and senators. And this is a critical moment!

    Independent Senator David Pocock is introducing a private member’s bill to call for changes to the Climate Change Act to force government to consider the health and well being of young and future generations when making decisions about projects that impact the climate. As parents concerned about their children’s climate, we strongly support this bill.

    Our love for our children is above politics. Add your support. And let’s ensure our kids are safe from climate harm caused by decisions today.


    Dear Federal Parliamentarians,


    We ask that you support the Climate Change Amendment (Duty of Care and Intergenerational Equity) Bill 2023, and to enshrine a duty of care to protect the health and wellbeing of young and future Australians in government decision making on projects that could significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions.


    With our sincere support, encouragement and hope for the future our kids will inherit. Our kids and their families are counting on you.


    Australian parents, grandparents, carers and family members.


    874 signatures

    We will present this petition to all federal parliamentarians in support of the bill. Timing is of the essence. Can you sign now? 

    We'll keep you updated with our campaigns (privacy policy)

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  • signed Sign the Solar Our Learning open letter 2024-04-02 23:34:24 +1100

    Sign the open letter to Solar Our Learning

    Solar Our Learning

    Energy costs are an increasing burden and too many schools and early childhood centres are missing out on the benefits of bill-busting clean energy installations.

    Solar and batteries for all schools and childcare centres can save schools money, reduce childcare costs, and employ thousands of people - it’s a win-win-win.

    This is Australia’s largest clean energy proposal that will benefit every community in the country.

    But it won’t happen without our support. We need to build an unstoppable wave of positive support for schools and early learning powered by clean energy. Add you name to the letter to state and federal leaders to show your support.

    Let’s Solar Our Learning, together!

    Solar Our Learning will:

    • Slash school and early childhood centre energy bills, freeing up more funds for learning resources and childcare places
    • Save large schools $114,000 in energy bills per year, small schools $12,700 per year and $12,400 - $14,600 per year for early childhood centres
    • Protect schools and early childhood centres from future energy price rises, reducing financial pressures on services and parents alike
    • Create at least 6,870 renewable energy jobs in all regions of Australia.
    • Save millions of tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

    Want to find out more? Check out the main Solar Our Learning campaign page for more information

    13,010 signatures

    Dear Federal, State and Territory leaders, 

    We call on all governments to work together to Solar Our Learningby funding solar and batteries for every school and early childhood centre in Australia (with means-tested grants for privately-owned schools and for-profit early learning centres).

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  • published Jeremy Liddle in Our Team 2023-04-02 22:27:29 +1000

    Jeremy Liddle | Board - Non-Executive Director

    Jeremy Liddle is an investor, advisor, and media/PR specialist for climate, tech, and finance companies. He is executive director of Third Hemisphere, a technology & finance media relations firm, and a founding partner of SDGx, a private UN Sustainable Development Goals investment & advisory firm. He has invested in over 25 tech & climate startups, was President for Australia at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, spoke at TedX, authored the book "From Idea to Startup", and has worked extensively with the UN including co-authoring the G20 & UN White paper on youth entrepreneurship for the formation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Jeremy is the proud father of a one-year-old living on unceded Gadigal Land. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn. 

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  • published Sarah Nguyen in Our Team 2022-09-14 00:39:12 +1000

    Sarah Nguyen | Board Committee Member - HR, Policy and Culture

    Sarah (she/her) is passionate about taking climate action to ensure our children live in a safer, more habitable world. Driven by a deep sense of wonder and gratitude for nature, and a moral responsibility as a parent, Sarah has joined AP4CA’s HR, Policies and Culture Board Committee to use her professional expertise to have a meaningful impact on climate change and to encourage others to take action. With over 15 years of experience in the people and culture (HR) leadership space, Sarah runs Talentary, a coaching and consulting business that works with tech and purpose-driven companies, start-ups, scale-ups and growth-minded individuals on all things people leadership, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and mental wellbeing. She lives and works on Gadigal land. Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn

  • published David McEwen in Our Team 2022-09-13 23:58:03 +1000

    David McEwen | Volunteer - Policy and Submissions Team Coordinator

    David is a long-time Australian Parents for Climate Action supporter and leads our outstanding all-volunteer Policy and Submissions Team. In his day job, David works at the intersection of climate risk, adaptation, resilience and business, to help major enterprises develop strategies that improve business performance, risk management, emissions reduction and climate adaptation. A management consultant and program manager with over 25 years experience, David assists and leads his clients through their projects from conception to implementation. David has delivered projects across Australasia, Asia and Europe.

    David is the author of: Navigating the Adaptive Economy - Managing Business Risk & Opportunity in a Changing Climate.

    Connect with David on LinkedIn

  • published Leanne Brummell in Our Team 2022-09-13 23:50:04 +1000

    Leanne Brummell | Volunteer - Social Media Team Coordinator and International Outreach

    Leanne is a co-founder of Australian Parents for Climate Action and current volunteer Social Media Coordinator and International Outreach person. She is a key coordinator within Parents for Future Global and is a member of the 2022-2023 cohort of  Climate Parent Fellows. She is also a member of the Knitting Nannas - a collective using knitting and artivism to campaign for the preservation of Australia's land, air and water. Leanne has deep knowledge of using creative campaigning and legal processes to stop gas projects in her region in rural South West Qld and works on fossil fuel campaigning globally. She is passionate about intergenerational climate justice and leaving a better world for those who come after us. 

    “As I watched my teenager turn into a young adult while I tried to stop gas expansion upstream, I started to feel anxious about climate impacts on potential grandkids, so if anything the worries are worse.  Like you, I never ever in my wildest dreams thought I'd be doing any of this.” Connect with Leanne on LinkedIn

  • published Vanessa Lorford-Mills in Our Team 2022-09-13 23:45:23 +1000

    Vanessa Lorford-Mills | Board Committee Member - HR, Policy and Culture

    Vanessa is an experienced People, Performance & Culture leader enabling people and cultures within organisations to deliver to their purpose. She has over 25 years’ experience supporting For Purpose, Retail, FMCG and Professional Services sectors.

    Vanessa is passionate about climate change and contributing to securing a safe future for our children and safeguarding our precious planet. She is part of Australian Parents for Climate Action's HR, Policies and Culture Board Committee to partner and support AP4CA in enabling parents across Australia to advocate for climate action within their communities. Vanessa is the mother of two young adults and lives on the
    lands of the Darramuragal people (Northshore Sydney). Connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn

  • published Haydn O'Brien in Our Team 2022-09-13 23:32:55 +1000

    Haydn O'Brien | Board - Treasurer and Governance & Risk Board Committee Member

    It has been a great pleasure to join Australian Parents for Climate Action as the Treasurer. I am excited to share my experiences and extend my practical skills to the truly great mission of AP4CA to create a groundswell of parent-led and parent-driven advocacy for a safe climate future for our children.

    I am a Sydney-based father of three and my wife and I share the concerns of many parents around the country that as custodians of the planet we need to do more to ensure future generations can live healthy and safe lives. Individually, it is a challenge to make a difference, but collectively concerned parents represent a unique constituency that is bound by a very strong and common bond of their children. The mission to engage, empower and organise parents at such an important time is an exciting one.

    I have had a 25-year career in international transportation holding various roles in Management, Finance and Information Technology. During my professional life I have been fortunate to live and work overseas in North America, Europe and Asia.

    Returning to Australia to the traditional land of the Cammeraygal people, my wife and I are constantly reminded of how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful country, and with that comes the determination to ensure that we leave a healthier and more sustainable planet for future generations.

    When not running around after our three active children I maintain a great love of trail running and the perfect day for me is one that takes me off the beaten track and into the bush in search of adventure. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • published Dr Rebecca Huntley in Our Team 2022-09-13 23:20:54 +1000

    Dr Rebecca Huntley | Advisory Group Chair

    Dr Rebecca Huntley is a writer and researcher and heads her own research and strategy consultancy on climate communications. She is the author of numerous books including “How To Talk About Climate Change in a Way That Makes a Difference”. She has been a radio broadcaster for Radio National. Rebecca works for governments, NGOs and businesses who are serious about acting on climate. Rebecca is the mother of three young girls, and became passionate about climate change watching the first Australian School Strikes for Climate in 2018. Connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn

  • published Charlie Wood in Our Team 2022-09-13 22:25:19 +1000

    Charlie Wood | Advisory Group

    Charlie is a 25+ year veteran of the technology industry covering business leadership, VC investing, strategic consulting, marketing and product management, and developing, coaching and mentoring high performance teams. He’s held leadership roles at Wiise, Salesforce, Microsoft and Dropbox. Charlie has a highly entrepreneurial, team-focussed spirit - "do what it takes to grow the business". Motivated to help make a positive impact on Australian society with respect to climate action, Charlie is the father of three climate-conscious high schoolers, and enjoys mountaineering, skiing, sailing and even marathon running! Connect with Charlie on LinkedIn. 

  • published Jobs in About 2021-10-22 15:55:03 +1100

    Join the team at Parents for Climate!

    Parents for Climate is Australia’s leading organisation to engage, organise and empower parents, carers, families and everyone who cares about kids, to advocate for climate action in their communities, in the media and to politicians and businesses.

    We're a small, dedicated team of staff, volunteers and pro-bono experts who together make an outsized impact to build the public and political will to act on climate! 

    Current opportunities are listed below, with a link to the position description including contact details for inquiries.  


    Staff (paid) opportunities:

    • None at the present time.


    Board (pro-bono) opportunities: 

    To express your interest in future opportunities, please contact our Chair [email protected]. An indication of the role and the skills we seek can be found here and is subject to variation as our board composition changes over time. 


    Volunteering opportunities:


    Follow us on LinkedIn to find out first about future opportunities.




  • wants to volunteer 2021-05-23 11:41:41 +1000

    Volunteer to power climate action!


    Parents for Climate was built from the ground up by concerned parents like you, volunteering their time to ensure a safer future for our children.

    We are solutions-focused and non-partisan, with the mission of influencing government and business to take more action on climate.

    Our volunteers are actively engaged in a range of activities that support national and local campaigns and are supporting the organisation in creating a parent powered movement for positive climate action in Australia.

    Our current opportunities to volunteer include:


    Click on the links above to find out more, or register your interest for a role in the fields provided.


    If you would like to find out more contact [email protected]


    Together we are stronger as we work together for a safe climate where our kids can thrive.




    Become a volunteer

  • published Dr Samantha Hardy in Our Team 2021-05-18 22:58:17 +1000

    Dr Samantha Hardy | Advisory Group

    Passionate about “high impact philanthropy” Samantha (Sam) runs a small philanthropy and fundraising advisory business. Sam has worked in academia, policy development, fundraising and funding for 20+ years. She has experience across all the sectors related to social change, with unique insights into the challenges faced by non-profits and funders. Sam has analysed hundreds of nonprofit strategies over the years, giving her an instinctual understanding of what makes an effective policy change campaign. Sam says “In my view, Australian Parents for Climate Action have an excellent strategy, talented staff, amazing volunteers and relentless passion and energy. The incredible outcomes they have achieved in such a short time are proof to me that they are a high impact organisation.” 

    Sam also joined the Australian Parents for Climate Action Advisory Board because her other important job is being a mum to two amazing girls. Sam says “As a parent, I am deeply troubled by Australia’s lack of climate leadership. I want my girls to grow up knowing that I did all that I can. Volunteering my time to help grow Australian Parents for Climate Action is an obvious way to show them that I love them and that I care deeply about their future."

    Connect with Sam on LinkedIn

  • published Anna Rose in Our Team 2021-05-18 22:50:14 +1000

    Anna Rose | Advisory Group

    Anna is an author, philanthropist, change agent and mother to a curious and active 5 year old! 

    She is CEO of Environmental Leadership Australia, a not-for-profit with a small, skilled team of 5, working to foster leadership to address the climate crisis within the community, politics and philanthropy.

    Anna became an environmental campaigner at age 14. At age 22, she co-founded the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, a movement of over 120,000 young people. Anna is also a co-founder and board director of Farmers for Climate Action, a movement of over 5000 farmers working towards climate solutions behind and beyond the farm gate. In 2019 she co-founded Australia’s first climate-advocacy focused giving circle, Groundswell, which raises and re-grants funds to high impact climate interventions. Previously Anna was Head of Earth Hour for WWF-Australia, where she remains a Governor. She is a former board Director of Solar Citizens, Green Music Australia, the Aussie Farmers Foundation, and the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute. 

    Anna is a former Churchill Fellow, Myer Foundation Innovation Fellow and a recipient of the Sierra Club’s Earthcare award. She was a finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards and was named one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence in 2019. 

    Anna co-starred in the documentary “I Can Change Your Mind on Climate Change” which was aired on Australia’s national broadcaster in 2012.. She is the author of the book “Madlands: A Journey to Change the Mind of a Climate Sceptic” and she has written for all major Australian newspapers as well as journals Griffith Review and Quarterly Essay.

    Anna was the Australian Geographic Society’s Conservationist of the Year. She is an Associate at Melbourne University Sustainable Society Institute and a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University (ANU) Climate Change Centre. She is the former course co-convener for the ANU Vice-Chancellor’s course in Leadership & Influence. Anna holds an Arts/ Law degree with first class honours from the University of Sydney.

    Connect with Anna on LinkedIn

  • published Genevieve Smart in Our Team 2021-05-18 22:45:00 +1000

    Genevieve Smart | Advisory Group

    Genevieve Smart is Founder and Creative Director of Australian fashion brand Ginger&Smart, known for creating contemporary sustainable fashion. She is on the Advisory Council for Sydney Women’s Fund and the Advisory Council for Atelier Foundation of the Art Gallery New South Wales.

    Genevieve has always been committed to sustainability and causing as little damage as possible to people and our planet. Genevieve recognises that with manufacturing contributing 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, she is responsible for reducing her company's emissions and supporting renewable energy. Motivated by her and her children's growing climate concerns, Genevieve advocates for the great employment and economic opportunities available to Australia through embracing renewable energy and other climate solutions.

    Connect with Genevieve on LinkedIn

  • published Daisy Turnbull in Our Team 2021-05-18 22:36:42 +1000

    Daisy Turnbull | Advisory Group

    Daisy is a teacher and the Director of Wellbeing at an independent girls’ school in Sydney, where she has taught for 8 years. Before this Daisy taught across school systems including at a behavioural school working with students from diverse backgrounds. Before going into teaching Daisy worked in interactive advertising as a producer and in strategy roles tapping into demographic changes and running nationwide qualitative surveys. She is an accredited Lifeline Crisis Support counsellor and regularly volunteers on the crisis support line. She is the mother of two children, holds a Combined Bachelors degree in Arts/Commerce, a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching, and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies. She is on the NSW board of the Australian Republican Movement. Daisy’s first book ‘50 Risks To Take With Your Kids’ was released in Feb 2021, providing a guide on developing independence and resilience in young children. Daisy advocates for action on climate change because she sees how students are concerned about our climate future, and the impact climate stress has on their well-being. Connect with Daisy on LinkedIn

  • published Articles and media releases in Resources 2020-09-21 10:51:02 +1000

Parents for Climate meet and work on the lands of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and respect that sovereignty of those lands was never ceded. We pay respect to Elders, past and present and emerging, and acknowledge the pivotal role that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the Australian community.