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Safeguard Our Kids - Barwon Bridge Action

Can you spare 1 hour or less to send a simple message 'Safeguard Our Kids'?👇

We need you this Saturday! This decade is our one chance to create a safe climate for our kids. This week the Australia government are debating one of the most important climate policies in Australia 'The Safeguard Mechansim' is the policy that can dramatically reduce pollution made from big polluters. But as the policy currently stands it will not do so. The policy will be decided and finalised by the end of this month, so we must act now.

We are trying to fill the Barwon Heads bridge with families and our amazing community to demonstrate that 'we want' the government to create a policy that will cut polution. And create a media moment to increase awareness. We cannot allow polluters to keep polluting destroying our planet and childrens future for short term profits.

Please join us with your families, fur babies whoever you have in the house, bring your neighbours, mothers/dads groups and community along to 🌼 join in this peaceful and fun action 🌼.

📰 Media will be present so we want to shout this from the rooftops and ensure the government hear our cry to 'Safeguard Our Kids'

Date: This Saturday 11th March

Time: 9am to 10am

What happens: Assemble on the bridge - we will have climate action now signs to hold, plus a big banner we will hand from the bridge saying 'Safeguard Our Kids'. We will assemble for enough time to get photo's for the media then disperse.


In Australia, just 10 companies account for more than half of all harmful emissions produced under the Safeguard Mechanism. Together these companies have pumped out over 362 tonnes of harmful pollution since the scheme started in 2916- equivalent to the C02 produced by more than 16 million Australians in a single year! The Safeguard Mechanism has been called the most important climate policy in Australia, and is effectively a pollution speed limit on Australia’s biggest emitters. Since being introduced by the Abbott Government in 2016, this pollution speed limit has been extremely ineffective. The former government set notional pollution “limits” that were way higher than the amount companies were polluting.

The current Albanese Government is proposing reforms that they say will cut emissions in line with Australian targets. However these reforms will not cut emissions as they currently stand. The proposed reforms leave several loopholes that big polluters can exploit to continue to pollute. The proposed Safeguard Mechanism Policy does nothing to prevent new gas and coal facilities opening.

At a minimum AP4CA are demanding the following points be included in the SGM policy reforms.

1)    Facilities should show their steps being implemented to genuinely reduce emissions before being able to purchase Safeguard Mechanism Credits (SMCs) or Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) to meet their regulated baseline limits.

2)    Facilities should use SMCs to account for any remaining emissions before purchasing ACCUs

3)    The use of offsets should be phased down progressively

4)    New fossil fuel facilities should be required to account for all their emissions without reliance on ACCUs.

5)    There should be no access to special deals for new coal and gas

March 11, 2023 at 9:00am - 10am
Timezone: Melbourne
Barwon Heads Foot Bridge
Barwon Heads Bridge - Barwon Heads-Ocean Grove Road
Ocean Grove, VIC 3226
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Will you come?

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