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Contact my Victorian state representative (there's a state election coming up!)


With the Victorian election imminent, now is the right time to ask our Victorian government to step up and help families survive the cost of living crisis.

Read the report, or take action below.


Take Action

Your Member of Parliament was elected to represent your community: Help put this report in front of your Victorian MP.

Step 1

Find your federal Member of Parliament's contact details. You can find your MP's details here!

Step 2

Get this report on their radar. You can do this by:

or all of the above!

Step 3

Let us know how you go. Take 1 minute to tell us about your experience. This will help us follow up and track progress with your MP.

Remember: Always keep it friendly

Parents for Climate seeks to build long-term and constructive relationships with our leaders, not by shouting from the rooftops. And remember, most MP's are parents as well!



Here’s a draft email you could use:


Dear (your MP's name) MP,

As a constituent of yours, I'm writing to introduce a report produced by Parents for Climate on The Real Cost of Living: How the energy crisis is hurting Australian families.

Parents for Climate surveyed over 1,000 households and discovered a cost of living crisis, with families hit by increasing prices for food, electricity, gas, housing and petrol. They found parents making sacrifices in the quality of food they purchase, reducing travel to friends or grandparents, and reducing their energy use, including limiting heater usage across winter. Lower income families were harder hit, and parents across the country are experiencing increased anxiety, stress and time pressure.

Clean energy in the home and the grid coupled with energy efficiency measures provide long-term solutions. The removal of gas from the home and addition of clean energy technology like rooftop solar, household batteries and electric vehicles can save families thousands of dollars a year. AP4CA found that 95% of families – both renters and homeowners – want greater government investment and support in the form of rebates to make energy efficient solutions like solar and electric vehicles more accessible. I ask that you support a rapid rollout of these clean energy technologies, with an emphasis on ensuring renters and lower income families benefit as well.

I ask that you introduce this report and its findings at your next party meeting, and discuss how you can support household clean energy technologies as ready solution to reducing emissions while providing long-term tangible benefit for families experiencing the cost of living crisis.

You can read the report in full here.

I look forward to hearing your response

Kind regards,

(your name)

(your street and suburb)

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