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Solar Our Schools Case Studies

Fyans Park Primary School, Geelong, VICTORIA 

Fyans Park Primary School in Geelong installed a 94kW solar system in 2019, on one of their school buildings, after receiving a Victorian state government grant of $150,000. They also put in two Tesla Powerwall batteries, which allow the school to use the solar power to run their night-time power needs. As a result, they will save around $10,000-$15,000 per year on their energy bills, which will go back into school resourcing. Source: Pick My Project

“The system has allowed for significant savings on power from the grid which is in line with the school’s policy on sustainability. The biggest benefit is the fact that we’re reducing our carbon footprint and you’re teaching that to the kids - we have to practice what we preach." Jason Calnin, teacher at the school who ran the solar project.


Barry Beckett Children’s Centre, Coburg, VICTORIA

Barry Beckett Children’s Centre in Coburg, a northern suburb of Melbourne, purchased a 21.6kW solar system last year, consisting of 72 panels. 

Since then, they have saved $100 to $450 on each quarterly energy bill. This has enabled the centre to funnel savings into additional learning resources for the children. 


Maroubra Bay Primary School, Maroubra, NSW

Maroubra Bay Primary School in southern Sydney, installed a 36kW solar system in 2018, with expected savings of $6,900 per year on energy consumed by the school -- a 47% cut in their energy bills. That’s 38 tonnes per year of greenhouse emissions saved. And the solar energy generated is enough to power 218 computers for a whole year! Source: Solar My School


Moriah College, Queens Park, NSW

Moriah College in Sydney’s eastern suburbs installed a huge 98kW system which is expected to save them $24,000 on their energy bills each year - a payback period of under 5 years! The solar power generated by the 344 panels is enough to power 1900 computers for a whole year, and saves 116 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Source: Solar My School


South Sydney High School, Maroubra, NSW

South Sydney High School installed an 80 kW solar system in 2018 which is expected to save them $13,850 each year off the school's energy costs - that’s a 23% cut in their total bill. The solar energy generated is enough to power 580 computers for a year and results in a saving of 103 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. Source: Solar My School


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