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Duty Of Care Bill - Submission Writeshop

Imagine if our government exercised a serious duty of care not only to look after the environment of today but to care for the air, oceans, rivers, soils, and people of tomorrow, as custodians to the earth that children today will grow up into.  

Imagine if governments of thirty, forty, fifty, or a hundred years ago, or even just ten years ago exercised that responsibility seriously, back then…

This is where you come in.

A legitimate climate equity bill is before the Australian Senate now, and it needs voices to support it.  A Senate bill inquiry is asking for submissions… so let’s let them know we want it!!

Protect an hour of your weekend by joining this online write shop.  A relaxed atmosphere, and everything you need to write and submit a piece within one hour.  This is your chance to share how you feel about the Duty of Care/ Intergenerational Climate Equity bill, with everything you need to make it easy.

It’s all for the love of our kids, and you can bring your kid(s) too.  If they’re old enough they can write a submission (it’s just a fancy name for a letter).  If they’re younger, they can draw a picture which you can include with your submission when you upload the document.

We’ll have the amazing west Melbourne based high school teacher Alex Ashley-Chiew to talk us briefly through the bill’s significance, using storytelling so no one vagues out.  With resources developed for primary school and high school students, we’ll explore and write together, using a simple structure and a straight-forward guide. Perfect, for beginners or advanced.

If we can figure out the tech, we’ll take song requests from the kids as background mood or inspiration - watch out, last time my tweenager went to a school disco, the whole cohort requested Bob the Builder. ;)


November 19, 2023 at 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Timezone: Melbourne
Laura ·

Will you come?

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