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An Environment Minister should want to protect our kids


THIS week I helped deliver three tiny babies, born fresh and innocent into the world. I gazed at these little beings wondering what world they were being born into, what their lives will look like 15 or 30 years from now. Because I had just learnt that the Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley had lodged her appeal against a historic Federal Court decision that she has a duty of care to our children to not cause them harm in the future. This made me furious.

My son Ambrose is one of the eight children who have spent months bravely taking on the Federal Environment Minister, to prove to her the obvious - that she has to consider their future when making decisions on the development of fossil fuel projects. The students took the Environment Minister to court over the carbon emissions that would result from approving the Vickery coal mine extension project in NSW, in the Sharma v Minister for the Environment case.
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