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Become a parent spokesperson

Parents are respected and trusted members of Australian society. Driven by the desire to care for and protect children, we know that parents' voices are powerful. 

Your voice
can help to build and maintain the political will needed to act on climate and safeguard our children's future.

Would you like to be empowered to be a parent climate action spokesperson?

We now have a comprehensive online training portal which takes you on a step by step journey to enable you to have great climate conversations, create a great local pitch for climate action, be a media spokesperson, and meet with your Member of Parliament with concise non-partisan asks that will help enable more political action on climate.

The online course is designed for busy parents in mind, to be done in manageable bite-sized chunks.

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Australian Parents for Climate Action has empowered scores of parents to become national climate spokespersons, through getting opinion and profile pieces published, journalistic interviews, local news features, and even a regular monthly newspaper column. 


"Support from Australian Parents for Climate Action has been amazing to give me the confidence to speak about protecting my children's future" - Deanna Hayes, Sydney

"Whilst I've felt a bit apprehensive to speak up I have been willing to because I know it's for my kids. I've had a lot of encouragement from Heidi and Nic (AP4CA staff) and never felt pressured to do more than I was capable of. It's felt energising to speak up" - Louise Sheperd, Sydney

"Having a family-friendly and apolitical brand like AP4CA to represent in the media has given me something I can be confident and proud to speak for, even in a regional community" - Yolanda Dasgupta, Sunshine Coast

Change The Story (20 mins)

The next step to becoming a spokesperson for Australian Parents for Climate Action is understanding why we need to change the story we tell about climate action.

Stories are how we learn and evolve as a society. Healing the problems of society begins with the words we use to shape the past, present, and future. Myth and legends heal because they remind us of right and wrong, and how to each balance again. 

This presentation asks: how can we change the story we tell to heal the rifts in our society around climate action and to specifically get bipartisan support for climate action?

Bringing together research from the Climate Compass, story medicine principles, and audience provocations, this presentation sets up the agreed framework for our AP4CA parent and grandparent spokespeople.

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Media Spokesperson Training (45 mins)

The next step to becoming a spokesperson for Australian Parents for Climate Action is to watch our Media Spokesperson Training workshop, which features expert advice from Emma Hannigan from the Climate Media Centre, and a quick introduction to the Change The Story presentation.

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An Environment Minister should want to protect our kids


THIS week I helped deliver three tiny babies, born fresh and innocent into the world. I gazed at these little beings wondering what world they were being born into, what their lives will look like 15 or 30 years from now. Because I had just learnt that the Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley had lodged her appeal against a historic Federal Court decision that she has a duty of care to our children to not cause them harm in the future. This made me furious.

My son Ambrose is one of the eight children who have spent months bravely taking on the Federal Environment Minister, to prove to her the obvious - that she has to consider their future when making decisions on the development of fossil fuel projects. The students took the Environment Minister to court over the carbon emissions that would result from approving the Vickery coal mine extension project in NSW, in the Sharma v Minister for the Environment case.
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Australian parents: Stop fossil fuels from polluting our education

The Australian curriculum must be protected from fossil fuel lobby groups seeking to rewrite facts in our children’s education, says Australian Parents for Climate Action (AP4CA).


A review of the national curriculum is currently open for  public consultation  and has received a submission from Australia’s chief fossil fuels lobby group, the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA).


AP4CA, which represents over 14,000 parents and carers, welcomes revisions proposed by The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to the National School Curriculum’s existing sustainability cross-curriculum priority, which highlight the impact of human behavior on climate change and the potential for human innovation to ensure a safe climate for future generations. 

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Become a Founding Funder

Parents head to the climate strike – to fight for their kids’ future

21 May 2021


Thousands of parents and grandparents around Australia are being schooled by student Climate Strikers, at colourful local events calling for climate action.

Suzie Brown, mother and National Director of Australian Parents for Climate Action said: “Australian parents are joining their kids to take the day off work and school to attend the Climate Strikes today. The School Strike 4 Climate leaders are still teenagers, but they are showing Australian adults what leadership on climate change looks like.”

“As parents we have to be there in solidarity with our kids who, let’s face it, are going to be the ones to really bear the brunt of more droughts, storms and fires if we don’t act on the dire science warnings about climate change,” said Brown.


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Parents guide to transforming climate grief

This Mother’s Day parents around Australia are preparing to take their children to the Climate Strikes on May 21 to call for Federal government action on climate. But how do we communicate about climate change with our children without giving them - and ourselves - anxiety? 

A free online event Transforming Climate Grief on Monday May 10th, hosted by Australian Parents for Climate Action, will unpack answers to these big questions. The panel will delve into the personal story of TV presenter and author Jonica Newby, who went on a quest to heal her own climate grief. 

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Meet your local action group!

The Parents for Climate local group network is a critical source of power to effect change and protect our children’s future. We have local groups across all Australian states and territories, check out the locations below.

They're welcoming and supportive, and we would love to meet you online or in person! If you are a parent, carer, family member or anyone who cares about kids, to advocate for urgent action on climate. Get involved!

Our Parent Groups are action-oriented, locally connected and all over the country. We plan family-friendly, non-partisan activities that engage communities, engage politicians in climate solutions, and amplify positive stories.

Why join a local group of parents who care about a safe climate?

  • Connect with families in your local community
  • Empower and educate your community with positive solutions
  • Win local and national campaigns
  • Develop constructive relationships with key decision makers
  • Amplify positive stories through local and social media
  • Build and strengthen a strong climate movement across the country

If there is no local group near you, please email us to see if we can connect you with local parents who want to take action on climate. Or perhaps you'd like to start a group in your local area? We'd love to support you.

Parents for Climate meet and work on the lands of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and respect that sovereignty of those lands was never ceded. We pay respect to Elders, past and present and emerging, and acknowledge the pivotal role that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the Australian community.